3mm & 4mm Toy Plastic Runway Questions & Answers

Q: Can adults go on these Toy Plastic Zip Wires?
A: A couple of the plastic models can take upto 75kg (12 stone), however we would suggest you you look at the 6mm Garden Aerial Runway equipment or 10mm Commercial Aerial Runway equipment.

Q: My plastic wheels have broken but it is not a very old the set?
A: The nylon wheels will always break before anything else goes wrong. If this happens you can replace the wheels but they only break for 2 reasons. 1. Too much weight on the ride or 2. You have extended the cable from what was in the kit. If you do not change the use back to the recommended use the wheels will break again, preventing a more serious problem.

Q: Can I extend the cable length?
A: The cable that comes in each of plastic sets are the maximum length the nylon wheels can take before they heat up and break. You will see that as the weight/length goes up so does the cable thickness from 3mm to 4mm, 6mm, 10mm etc. Also the number of wheels which spread the weight over 2 or 4 wheels.

Q: Why do the plastic sets have no brake option unlike the 6mm and 10mm sets?
A: The plastic sets are designed for both ends to be at the same height for younger children, if you put a brake at the finish it will shatter the plastic trolley. The 6mm and 10mm trolleys that can have a brake are metal and will not be damaged.

Q: I have a slope on my garden is this ideal for a Zip wire?
A: The plastic sets should be installed level, not on a slope, if you have a small difference in height or want to come of a platform you will want to be looking at the 6mm and 10mm sets which can have a brake to prevent injury.

Q: I have no trees in my garden what do I do?
A: You will need to build a structure take advice as what design will suit best depending on the distance.

Q: Why are the 6mm and 10mm sets so expensive?
A: The main reason is due to the safety and extra strength. Cables much stronger to take adult weights, the trolleys are metal and not platic, the sets can include a brake which can not be used on a plastic set.

Q: Why are all the plastic and steel trolley enclosed?
A: Our whole range, from the cheapest to the most expensive are enclosed to stop finger and hair entrapment.

Q: Why do the 3mm sets stop at 20m and the 4m sets stop at 30m?
A: The reason the sets have limits are due to safety testings. As the cable expanse increases so the strength needs to increase, we also sell 6mm and 10mm sets.

Q: What is the longest length for a toy plastic trolley?
A: 30m of cable making a 27m(ish) ride is the maximum with the smaller wheels found on the toy trolleys, upgrading to 6mm cable with a metal trolley allows upto 40m of cable, and 10mm cable allows upto 80m of cable.

Q: I have tree house can I launch from it?
A: No, not if using the toy plastic rides as you can not have a slope on the cable as there is no brake that can be used on the plastic trolleys. Brakes are only available with the 6mm and 10mm sets that have a metal trolley that will not shatter upon impact.

Q: What guarantee does the zip wire sets have?
A: The plastic toy rides have a one year guarantee, however the wheels are excluded from guarantee as these will only break if the weight has been exceed or different/extended cable has been used. The trolley will shatter upon impact against the start/end or if a brake has been added. You can NOT use a brake with any of the plastic trolleys.

Q: What is the minimum recommended age for a zip wire?
A: We recommend 8 years and up.

Q: What is the maximum weight the sets can take?
A: Each set states the maximum weights and our advice is always be 3/4 inside this.

Q: Are zip wires dangerous?
A: No if set up correctly, your start and end heights should be the same with the plastic toy trolleys.

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