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Garden Zip Wire - Stainless Steel Trolley (6mm)

Garden Zip Wire - Stainless Steel Trolley (6mm)
Stainless steel trolley with 6 mm pulley wheels suitable for use with 6 mm steel cable.

Trolley requires an attachement to sit / hang on.

This trolley (like all 6mm on the market) will not run smoothly on 7x7 cable.  7x7 cable is hexagonal in shape and as such is not smooth enough on the wheels of the trolley.  7x7 cable would wear the wheels very quickly, give a very bumpy ride and make the unnecessary noise.  If you wish to purchase your cable from another supplier please call us first for the full specification suitable for zip wire use.  Our prices for cable is very competitive and if you find it cheaper you will normally find that something is different in the specification eg: strand construction, core, termination etc.

The fine print disclaimer: Zip Line construction and use is dangerous. Ensure you know what you are doing before building or using a zip line. TST Toys is not responsible for anything that may go wrong with your zip line installation, trees or related components. No warranty related to Zip Lines is expressed or implied by installation tips or by any representative of TST Toys, including warranties of merchantability or fitness. Ensure you educate yourself on the proper installation, maintenance and use of everything related to your Zip Line. Seek competent local assistance if you are unsure of how to work with trees, cable installation or maintenance. All information related to zip lines received from any representative or printed material distributed by TST Toys is only an opinion and shall not be interpreted as expert or professional advice.

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