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Kubb - Hardwood Wooden With Wooden Crate (Kings Games)

Supplied in box but for transit but a wooden crate is included for storage.

Made from a hardwood.

Kubb Can be played one on one or in two teams. The best playing surfaces are grass or gravel.

The game contains 1 King, 10 Knights, 6 Throwing Sticks and 4 Markers.

The object of the game is to knock over all the opponent's knights and then the king, using the throwing sticks.

The playing field is marked out using the 4 markers, 10m ( 32 foot ) long by 5 ( 16 foot ) wide is the ideal size. Place the king in the centre of the playing field, with 5 knights placed at regular intervals along each baseline.

The thrower always stands somewhere on his/her own baseline. The sticks must be thrown vertically and underarm.

One person from each team throws a stick as close to the king as possible, but without hitting it. The team with the stick closest to the king starts.

The aim now is to knock over as many of the opposing team's knights as possible, using the 6 throwing sticks.

When all 6 sticks have been thrown, the turn passes to the other team, who take the knocked over "moveable" knights and throw them, from the baseline, over on to the opponent's side. The knights must land within the playing area, and are then placed in an upright position where they land. The throwing team has 2 attempts to get each knight to land within the area. If they fail, the opposing team may place the knight wherever they like in the area although it must be at least one stick length away from the king.

Team two now takes its turn to throw the sticks and knock over the knights. The baseline knights may not be knocked over until all the moveable ones have been knocked over. When the team has thrown its 6 sticks, the turn passes back to the first team, and the entire procedure is repeated. All knights knocked over are thrown into the opposing team's area. They are placed in an upright position and the moveable knights have to be knocked over before the baseline knights.

If a team fails to knock over all the moveable knights, the opposing team is allowed, for the time being, to move its baseline forward to the same level as the furthest forward knight. When this knight is knocked over, the baseline reverts to its usual position.

Knocking over a baseline knight before all the moveable knights have been knocked over does not count and the baseline knight is returned to an upright position. When a team manages to knock over all the knights on the opposition's side, they must knock over the king. Throws at the king must always be made from the baseline.

A team must have at least 2 throwing sticks left before it is allowed to try and knock over the king. This avoids the game being decided on the first round of throws.

If the king is knocked over before all the knights have been knocked over, the opposing (non-throwing) team wins.
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