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Fixings - 8mm Extended Loop Back

Kit comprises of:
4 x 8mm Galvanised Wire Rope Grips (DIN 1142 and meets performance requirements of EN 13411-5:2003).

The Extended Loop Back Grips are used on rides where the standard Cable Holding Device is NOT being used. It secures the cable without putting excess strain on the eye and if using a tree prevents strangulation.

The following instructions, supplied by the Wire Rope Technical Board, will result in an approximate 80% efficiency rating when the clips are applied as instructed, on GAC, SSAC, RRL or RLL, 6 x 19 class or 6 x 37 class, fibre core or IWRC, non-Seal type construction wire rope. If applied to vinyl coated ropes, vinyl must first be stripped from clip connection area.

How to Apply Clips
1. Turn back the specified amount of rope from the thimble. Apply the first clip one clip width from the dead end of the wire rope (U-bolt over dead end - live end rests in clip saddle). Tighten nuts evenly to recommended torque.
2. Apply the next clip as near to the loop as possible. Turn on nuts firmly but do not tighten.
3. Space additional clips, if required, equally between the first two. Tighten on nuts - take up rope slack - tighten all nuts evenly on all clips to recommended torque.
4. NOTICE! Apply the initial load and re- tighten nuts to the recommended torque. Rope will stretch and be reduced in diameter when loads are applied. Inspect periodically and re-tighten to recommended torque.

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