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10mm Zip Wire Package Builder

As a Aerial Runway specialist we sell each component separately allowing you to customise the equipment to your own unique installation.

Rather than offer a single set pack we prefer to talk to our customers and establish their needs and supply the correct equipment to meet those bespoke requirements.

This page allows a selection of 15,360 different component combinations to make a package, most of these will be totally unsuitable for your own requirements but as each need is different there will be combinations which will match your specific function.

There is no difference in price between buying from this page or buying from each components individual listing page, we would recommend that you read each components own separate listing page for a more detailed description of the item than can be shown in this brief overview.

If this is your first time to build a zip wire we would prefer to talk to you and make sure you understand what you will need for your install. Please call our Customer Service line between the hours listed to get the advice on which are the best components for you.

1. Trolley
All basically do the same although the middle trolley has a swivel joint for the accessories, this may be better suited if you were want to use your own accessory to hang from the trolley. All the zip wire trolleys have a counterbalance brake release stopping the trolley from moving until the user gets onto the ride.

2. Trolley Accessory
The trolley attaches to one of the above accessories or can be used with your own item. The Pendulum seat is best suited for younger user (pre teens) or for longer rides (over 30m) as the handles bars require a lot of body strength from the user to hold their own weight over the distance of the ride. The plastic (Blue or Green) handle bar does not meet EN1176 specifications and are NOT suitable for commercial installations.

3. Cable
The cable length is obviously dependent upon the distance between your two trees/structures. You will need to buy a length longer than the distance as it is used to wrap around one end fixing point and then more for the tensioning. Also initially during the installation the cable will lay along the ground due to the weight so you will need excess to put into your tensioner. (70m & 80m lengths only available to mainland Great Britain only due to physical weight of drum)

4. Tensioning
To make the installation as easy as possible we would recommend the drum tensioner, however there is a cheaper option which will require additional mechanical help putting initial tension onto the cable. The Drum Tensioner requires a hole to be drilled through the tree/structure at one end of the cable (start or end whichever is easier). The Jaw to Jaw tensioner uses a straddle strap to warp around the tree but will only take up 30cm / 12 inches of slack (only suitable for post installation adjustment during the regular equipment inspections).

5. Brake
If using a pendulum seat or your own similar style of swinging accessory you can get away using your own used tyre (free from a garage) brake clamped to the cable which the trolley impacts against a distance far enough away from the end tree/structure and allow the pendulum action to absorb the speed of the user. If you are wanting a fast ride the tyre brake is not recommended and you would need to use a spring brake to slow the user down. If you are wanting to use any of the handle bar accessories you must use the spring brakes as if the trolley is stopped to abruptly the user will not be able to hold onto the handle bar and will be thrown off towards the end tree/structure. We also stock special HARD springs in both 1.5m and 3m, these are stronger (harder) than standard and are used for abnormally fast rides - only buy this after speaking to a member of our staff to ensure it is right for you.

6. End Fixing
On most DIY installations you can get away with using the cables own hard eye to create a lasso effect around one end of your ride. The tension on the cable then keeps the loop in place, if using this system around a tree then you can thread the cable through a small length heavy duty rubber hose.
For longer distances you can put too much pressure on the eye of the cable which is when you would use the Extended Loop Back method. The alternative but more expensive method is to use the cable holding device which bolts onto your end after it is thread through the tree.

7. Launch End
You can install an inline buffer stopper at the launch end to prevent damage to the trolley hitting your Launch Tree/Structure.

8. Tools
If you choose the drum tensioner option then you will probably want to add hex drill auger bits 600mm ( 2 foot ) to drill through your tree / structure.
We also can supply a 1m mild steel bar that will make it easy to turn the drum, taking up the tension.

Available Options:

1. Trolley:

2. Accessories:

3. Cable:

4. Tensioning:

5. Brake:

6. Fixings:

7. Launch End:

8. Tools:

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