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Gigantic Playing Cards (Almost A4)

A pack of 52 giant playing cards and 2 jokers per Gigantic set.

Plenty of fun to be had with lots of differents card games including:

Trick-taking games
500, Barbu, Bourre, Bridge, ?cart?, Euchre, Fifty-six, Forty-fives, Hearts, Hokm, Nap, Oh Hell, Pinochle, Piquet, Pitch, Preferans, ROOK, Sheepshead, Skat, SKIP-BO, Spades, Sixty-three, Svoyi Koziri Twenty-four, Sueca, Tarot, Tremp, Whist, Wizard

Rummy-style games
500 Rum, Canasta, Concentration, Conquian aka Cooncan, Cribbage, Desmoche, Five Crowns, Gin rummy, Go Fish, Haihowak, Happy Families, Kalooki, Kemps, Phase 10, Robbers' rummy, Rumino, Rummy, Seven Bridge, Shanghai rum, Spoons, Steal the old man's pack, Tonk, Tri, Wyatt Earp

Casino or gambling card games
3-card poker, Baccarat, Bingo, Blackjack, Blind Hookey, Bourr?, Caribbean stud poker, Casino war, Poker, Primero, Red Dog, Thirty-one, Three card brag, Thirteen card brag

Solitaire (or Patience) games
Ace of the Pile, Baker's Dozen (solitaire), Calculation, Concentration, FreeCell, Kings in the Corner (multi-player), Klondike, Nertz (multi-player), Russian Bank (multi-player), Solitaire Showdown

Shedding games
Bartok / Bartog, Big Two, California Speed, Chase the Ace/Old Maid, Craits, Crazy Eights, Durak, Eleusis, Mao, Palase, President, Q Squared Joe or Q2J, Shichi Narabe, Spit / Speed, Spite and Malice, Tien len, UNO, Winner

Accumulating games
Beggar-My-Neighbour, Egyptian Ratscrew, Ratsgroup, Screw Your Neighbor, Seven Spades, Slapjack, Snap, Top Trumps, War

Fishing Games
Cassino, Cuarenta, Pasur

Playing Card Size: 280mm x 201mm

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