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Zip Wire Raised Platform

Consists of a strong platform with safety guard rails and two accessory bars at different heights to take ladders, slides, nets etc. It is of course. complete with all necessary support tubes and fittings to ensure that you build a really secure, stable and durable Deck. Ideal for the starting point for your Zip Wire Construction.

Installation Options

1. In a tree which is, perhaps, the classic location. The Deck fits into a vertical fork. ie. the gap between branch and tree trunk or between two branches. Across this gap is fitted a galvanized steel telescopic main beam. the ends of which are bolted to strong steel channels which are in turn screwed into the tree using stainless steel screws. On top of this main beam is fixed the square platform of pre-treated wood supported on galvanized angle iron slides. From each corner of the Deck telescopic support tubes run back to the tree where they are attached using channels and stainless steel screws. The gap or fork must be at least 137cm ( 4' 6" ) wide and no more than 197cm ( 6' 6" ) wide. The Deck does not have to sit centrally on the main beam. It can protrude 45cm ( 1' 6" ) on one side and 81cm ( 2' 6" ) or the other, so as to avoid an interfering branch.

2. Between two adjacent trees. The method of fitting is as above. The gap between the trees must be the same as across the fork. Do not put the Deck too high, 213cm ( 7' ) is quite high enough for small children and at 183cm ( 6' ) or less more accessories can be fitted to provide exciting ways up and down from the Deck. Mature fruit trees make ideal sites and they are improved by taking out centre branches so if you have to cut some out you may even get a better crop!

3. Onto the trunk of a single tree or even a fence. providing it is really firm and strong. Remember that this support will have to bear all the weight of the Deck and occupants and that much of the pressure is sideways.

4. Onto a wall, either of the house, garage or outbuilding.
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